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Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos Removal & Certified Abatement

Professional Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was commonly used in construction materials until the 1970s, when its dangers to human health became widely known. Asbestos fibers can become airborne when materials containing asbestos are damaged or disturbed, and when inhaled, can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. As a result, asbestos removal and professional abatement are critical services to ensure the safe removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials in buildings and structures. 

An asbestos removal company like TruStar will have the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to safely remove asbestos and protect the health of workers and occupants.

Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos Testing Services

Asbestos testing services are crucial for identifying the presence of this harmful substance in buildings and materials. Asbestos testing involves taking samples and analyzing them in a specialized laboratory to determine the presence and concentration of asbestos fibers.

It is important to hire a certified and experienced asbestos testing service like TruStar to ensure accurate results and to take appropriate action if asbestos is found.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Removal Process

When you call TruStar, our technicians will respond within an hour to your property. We offer 24/7 emergency response services.

Upon arriving on your property our asbestos experts will inspect the property. Depending on our findings we may need to take samples of the potentially contaminated materials to run a test.

We will send our samples out to our lab to be analyzed. Once we get the results we can build a plan to address the asbestos containing materials when relevant.

If we do find asbestos containing materials in our test, we will first establish an air barrier around the contaminated materials so that no asbestos can spread through your building during the removal process. Our technicians will work diligently to removal all asbestos contaminated materials.

By law any asbestos contaminated materials must be disposed of following very specific guidelines. Our technicians will ensure that all of the contaminated materials are disposed of following the current guidlines.

Once the materials are cleared, we can begin to make the necessary repairs to restore your property. Our technicians are licensed and certified to complete all necessary repairs no matter the scope.

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