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Floods are a devastating natural disaster that can wreak havoc on properties and cause significant damage to homes and businesses. While it’s essential to have a flood preparedness plan in place, it’s equally important to take quick action in the event of a flood. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of taking quick action after a flood and the steps you can take to minimize the damage caused.

TruStar Restoration offers 24/7 emergency flood damage cleanup and restoration services. Call us today to set up your free flood damage inspection.

Flood Damage

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Wail Majeed
Wail Majeed
March 27, 2024
TruStar was a life saver, they quickly came out to perform inspection from which they prepared a comprehensive report with images and videos to support their findings. The report was valuable to insurance company and pertinent parties involved. I highly recommend TruStar services…
Lewis Dawson
Lewis Dawson
March 25, 2024
All my contents delivered back to my home today... Great job by Ruby and her pack-in crew. Worked fast, courteous, and with care to prevent damage. TruStar really did a great job from day 1, the water mitigation phase, the pack-out, and now the pack-in. TruStar is professional grade in every way.
Original Soul
Original Soul
March 23, 2024
Highly recommend TruStar!
bobby ervin jr
bobby ervin jr
March 22, 2024
Very professional. And very knowledgeable. These guys were the best. I would recommend them to my Veterans.
norma ervin
norma ervin
March 22, 2024
I recommend TruStar, they did an awesome job on the water damage at my home.
March 21, 2024
thank you Trustar for helping me on my water damage. I really really appreciate it and they did a very, very wonderful job. Thank you Roberto.
Carolyn Dudley
Carolyn Dudley
March 21, 2024
This company is amazing Thank you Roberto appreciate your help with the water damage!
Hazel TennisonScott
Hazel TennisonScott
March 18, 2024
I recommend this company to everyone that is need of water restoration service. Thanks Roberto!
Elizabeth Perez
Elizabeth Perez
March 18, 2024
I was so happy with the the care and professionalism of everyone who was involved in this process. They were wonderful to work with.
Pamela Reese
Pamela Reese
March 14, 2024
Everything was very professional, good experience.great crew.

Common Causes of Flooding

Inclement Weather

Burst Pipes

Sewage Backup

Leaky Appliances

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Water Removal Services

Water-related disasters can occur without warning and the moment the water comes into contact with your property it can begin to cause damage. Because of this, you will need to respond quickly to any water disaster to avoid costly damages.

TruStar offers 24/7 emergency response services with a 1-hour response guarantee. Our technicians will work non-stop to ensure all of the water is removed from your property as quickly as possible.

Water Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration Process

When you call TruStar, our technicians will respond within an hour to your property. We offer 24/7 emergency response services.

Upon arriving on your property our flood damage technician will inspect the property for flood damage. With our findngs we will draw up a flood damage restoration plan complete with accurate timeline and cost estimates.

First thing we want to do is to get the water out. Our technicians will use our industry leading water removal equipment, working around the clock if necessary to get the water off your property as soon as possible.

Water can damage materials beyond repair. Once the water has been removed, we will take the time to inspect the property for any materials that are damaged beyond repair. We will then remove those materials and prepare those areas for repair.

Once the damaged materials are cleared, we can begin to make the necessary repairs to restore your property. Our technicians are licensed and certified to complete all necessary repairs no matter the scope.

Throughout the entire restoration process, our team will maintain impeccable documentation. Itemizing lists of any and all damaged materials and working with your insurance provider, when applicable, to ensure you recieve everything you deserve from your insurance coverage plan.

Flood Damage Tips

  1. Stay Safe: The first and most important step is to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Do not attempt to wade through floodwater or enter the affected area until it is deemed safe to do so by authorities. If you must enter the affected area, wear protective gear such as rubber boots and gloves.
  2. Contact Your Insurance Company: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the flood damage. Take photos and videos of the damage, and document any items that have been lost or damaged. This will be helpful when filing your insurance claim.
  3. Mitigate Further Damage: Take steps to prevent further damage to your property. Turn off the electricity and gas supply to the affected area, and remove any standing water as soon as possible. Open windows and doors to increase ventilation, and use fans to dry out the affected area.
  4. Hire Professionals: Consider hiring a professional flood damage restoration company to help with the cleanup and restoration process. They have the equipment and expertise to properly dry out your property and prevent further damage, as well as remove any mold or mildew that may have formed.
  5. Keep Records: Keep a detailed record of all expenses related to the flood damage, including the cost of any repairs or replacements. This will be useful when filing your insurance claim, and can also help you to claim any tax deductions or government aid that may be available to you.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage, unless you have specifically purchased additional flood insurance. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover damage from water that comes from inside the home, such as from a burst pipe, but not from outside sources like floods.

If you live in an area prone to flooding or near a body of water, it is a good idea to consider purchasing flood insurance to protect your home and belongings. Flood insurance is typically offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or through private insurance companies.

Water Damage Insurance

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